Philippe Pastor was born in 1961 in Monaco.

He works between Monaco and Spain.

Committed to environment, Philippe Pastor has developed through his work a personalized vision of Nature, translating Man’s interaction with the planet. Using living matter, its transformation through time and immediate surroundings, combining soil, pigments, minerals and plants of all kinds, Philippe Pastor represents his vision of life, environmental destruction and Man’s involvement in society.

Since 1990, his work has been shown around the world, including the 52nd and 53rd Biennale of Venice. He was the official artist of the Monaco Pavilion at the Universal Exposition EXPO Milano 2015.



MARCELLINE LAPOUFFE is a young artist living in an eccentric universe, taking her first steps in the world of art. The name is an original pseudonym, one which allows her to hide behind a character that both amuses her and offers her the freedom with which she can express her take on life, in her own way, with humour and fantasy.

Her first creations were customised skeletons, where each piece stood for a theme. Whether the idea is to associate a notion strongly related to a reflection on evil – gluttony, lust, greed… – or, on the contrary, to associate notions of happiness and freedom to a gloomy support, the result of these associations is far from macabre. Highly colourful, shown with a heavy dose of tongue in cheek, the bones come back to life, looking quite natural, even friendly…